High Performance Radiation Measurement Devices

Yantel, maker of the labZY line of products, is an expert in real time Digital Pulse Processing. Our products provide exceptional performance in exceptionally small enclosures.

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Our Innovation

High Performance

Based on more than 25 years of research and development, Yantel provides the world’s first open platform, high-performance, low noise digital pulse processors.

Small Size

The high performing Yantel products impressively fit in the palm of your hand or shirt pocket, without compromising on functionality.

Easy to USe

All Yantel products have an intuitive interface, simple connections, free software, and are user upgradable.

Our Products

A photo of five labzy instruments


The nanoPSD is a real-time digital spectrometer with embedded pulse-shape analyzer. Our nanoMCA devices provide unmatched low noise performance.

Open Platforms

The nanoDPP is the world's first open platform, high-performance Digital Pulse Processor. As an open platform, it can easily be adapted to specific radiation measurement applications.

LS Counting

The nanoTDCR, a triple-to-double coincidence ratio liquid scintillation counting system, is integrated with a digital MCA and is able to perform four TDCR measurements simultaneously.


Connect devices to a host computer via a variety of methods, including Bluetooth, wifi, and ethernet connectors.

Our Customers

About the company

For more than twenty five years, Yantel has built an expertise in real time Digital Pulse Processing. We continue to develop new concepts and to introduce new revolutionary products for radiation measurement. Based on Digital Pulse Processing, our spectroscopy platforms offer exceptional performance in exceptionally small enclosures. Our ready to use radiation analyzers, spectrometers and LS counting systems offer versatility and easy integration in industrial and OEM applications.